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Introducing Writing Elite Gaming!

If you are familiar with our popular game stream Saturday Morning Cartoons then know we have moved into the game streaming space on YouTube and Twitch. I’m sure a lot of you have been wondering what a family platform that encourages reading and connecting families through that medium would do with a gaming stream.

The truth is, I’m an OG gamer and had my start playing Super Mario bros. with my siblings and cousins, taking turns tackling some of the toughest stages of that game. And in the process, we all formed lasting bonds that carried over into adulthood and were one of the many smaller traditions we grew up enjoying. For myself, I’ve managed to pass it on to my children. Not just the love of a video game, but of making it an activity we enjoy as a family.

So as we shape Writing Elite into the place where families want to be and learn to grow stronger.  Writing Elite Gaming will be the place for gaming families to tune in to get the latest gaming news and reviews. And as we grow we want to show our first-time subscribers some love.


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Family Gaming Deals!

Who doesn’t like a deal when it comes to games! If you were to take a look at the video game market the hottest titles regardless of genre are topping almost everyone’s budget at $80 or more. There is hope though, as a family ourselves we research every buy we make, and have come across some wonderful games and accessories you all should try out, and the prices (and quality) will have you sold from the beginning!


Your only as good as the controller in your hand. Take your gaming skills to the next level with these quality controllers!







I have to say about the Hotas 4 Thrustmaster flight stick, it’s a wonderful addition to any gamers controller arsenal. If your new or inexperienced to flight simulators the Hotas 4 does have a noticeable learning curve, but once you get over that it actually allows you to add more to your creative play style. Check out one of our recent broadcasts where Jordyn and I gave it a go on Elite Dangerous.


Spiderman Double!



Explore Space and Beyond!


It’s crazy to think that one of our favorite games (Elite Dangerous) is currently sold out! Something tells us that it has something to do with the upcoming Odyssey expansion. So if you are itching to get your hands on an affordable copy for PS or Xbox before Odyssey drops later this year for consoles, pick it up on PSN for $29.99

You can also try out our Everspace, which is a similar game to Elite Dangerous and No Man’s Sky.

New Games to Preorders

Hot Wheels Unleashed

Coming Sept 2021!



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