About Us


What Writing Elite is All About

The idea of a blog that inspires families to develop a passion for reading is something that I feel families have been needing for a very long time. For those of you old enough to remember Reading Rainbow, I’m sure you can also remember the inspiration it placed in your hearts as children to not only read but also dive deep in the adventure. One that awaited young minds when they sought to read simply for the love of it. It’s the kind of show today’s children sorely need.

This is where the idea for Writing Elite came. To encourage families (especially those with young children) through talented writers to give every member of the family something to read that causes them to think, wonder, and imagine.

Yet we aren’t just about books and written content, but every aspect of the family. From how we as individual members of the family interact, to the special moments we all share, the ideas we have and want to share, and even how we play. So with that, we invite families from every corner of the world to come and join in the many great content, products, and great stories to share!


Who We Are


Ahmad and Sophia Jenkins

Ahmad and Sophia are the brains behind Writing Elite, as educators, they understand the importance that reading has within the family. Ahmad is also a freelance writer and blogger that enjoys writing for children, and Sophia has been a para-educator for the past 20 years. Between the two of them, they have 8 wonderful children who inspire them to be the best parents they can every day.