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With so many of us having to adjust to being indoors for long periods of time it obviously can get boring, and take its toll on even the most hardcore homebody. So this page will be for those of you during this difficult time the go-to place for educational toys, no only for the kiddos, but for the big kid in all of us. We will be updating this page as much as possible so subscribe to get the latest in fun toys for your kids (and kids at heart).

Building Play!

Blocks come in all shapes and sizes, but the best part about them is that we learn so much with them! Here are our favorites for you’ll to check out!

Action Figures Galore!

I think we all can agree the best part of our childhoods, apart from playing outside was having a good action figure (doll) to bring along for the adventure!

TMNT Collection

Marvel Superheros





“The Only Good Day was Yesterday” toys.




Explore the wonderful world of gross with this fun and disgusting science kit!

Space Shuttle
Space Shuttle
Lego Space Shuttle

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Games We Love To Play!

As we all are adjusting to more home-based lives, it would be a matter of time before video games would in see an increase in popularity. Not that they ever went out of fashion, but more and more gamers are gaming together and sharing with fellow gamers. The Writing Elite family has also been doing more of it, here are a some of the titles we’re currently playing!

We recently purchased this great game for Jordyn for those days when we aren’t able to get outside. It can be a challenge sometimes to find fun and interactive game titles for children, but Paw Patrol: On a Roll! was a wonderfully interactive game that stressed critical thinking.

Entertaining Games for Teens

As a gamer, I have to promote this awesome tactical shooter!

Rainbow Six: Vegas

I know, I know… A video game on a family literacy blog. The blasphemy of it all. However, during this time we couldn’t reasonably expect your teens to read all day. So we also curate the best and intelligent games for both you and your children. This first one is a classic amongst my brothers and me, and we’ve been playing it since AOL was the main internet provider. This classic of a shooter is very much different in its controls and gameplay from COD titles, which makes it a challenging tactical shooter where the run and gun method doesn’t get you very far in the game. Rather a real-time strategy, tactics, and critical thinking are your friends.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Another classic title that provides some power-packed gameplay, especially if anyone in your family is a fan of zombie shooters. This gem makes an excellent multiplayer shooter for the family that also requires tactics and cooperation amongst players to survive. This game is of course rated M, and definitely not suited for younger children. However, older children playing their parents will have an awesome time combatting zombies.

If you happened to catch the recent SpaceX launch of Crew Dragon and it’s successful docking with ISS, then I’m sure your interest in space exploration has been heightened as mine has! With all the new discoveries NASA and other space agencies around the world have been making about our last great frontier, then this game is definitely for you! It has a MASSIVE open world design even for those who aren’t playing online which leads to literally hours of different types of gameplay, and if you are willing to invest in the experience of the additional Horizons pack add in the ability to explore select planets along with other exciting additions! I would say it’s a must-have for the young (or old ) lay astronaut in your family. Here is a clip from my own gameplay.