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Young Readers

Story time is always a fun time for your children, and it doesn’t just have to be at bedtime. What’s even better is when you add a creative twist to it, throw in some puppets; maybe a fun and interactive activity and you’ve successfully captured your young readers hearts on reading.






Don’t forget to throw in the puppets, happy reading! 👍🏾





Fun Graphic Novels!

Let’s face it getting your teen to read is a lot like pulling teeth Tug and pull as hard (or light) as you want it can be a painful process. So why not make it more interesting? Check out these great graphic novels any teen would want to read 😁




Sports for Young Athletes.

Humble, one of my eldest daughters has one more skill that she’s hard at work developing. She’s studying archery, and I’m proud of how good she is. So I thought I’d let her show off a little! As parents, we should be proud of the athletic accomplishments of our children. So here are some excellent picks to stock your sports enthusiasts’ bookshelf!



Learning About the World Around Us.

There’s a wonderfully beautiful and alive world surrounding us. All we have to do is take the time out to explore it. Open the door of creativity and learning through this wonderful selection of books from our affiliate partner Alibris



Family Topics

No home should be without a library, and at Writing Elite a part of our mission is to help families, not only develop a passion for reading; but also stocking their books shelves with quality books for every member of the family. Take a look at our top picks for family-related topics.




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