Faith and Everyday Life

by Staff

Your faith is more than just what you believe about God, or a higher power, it is in essence the way that you deal with everything (and who) life throws your way. Needless to say many of us, have been thrown into a cyclone of doubts; fears, money troubles, school troubles… need I go on. And, while there are those people who think that our COVID related problems are finally beginning to settle down, there are others who are still living in that place where those fears and worries still have a firm grasp on their lives.

Fears and worries are not the only issues where a person’s faith has the power to make some changes. Even if your life is going beautifully (no one’s free of life’s troubles of course), having a deep and fulfilling spiritual life gives your life a brighter perspective that the physical world can’t match up to. Granted I’m speaking to people who have a faith and belief in a higher power, and within that group believers come in stages – if you will. Then let’s not forget about their families, whether we are referring to their immediate family (parents and siblings) or their own spouse and children, faith also plays a significant part in their lives.

For Lent some members of our family participated by fasting from certain foods others opted too fast from other things that they felt was significant and where the sacrifice of it would be pleasing to God (Mighty and Majestic). Even though we are a interfaith family (comprising of Christians and Muslims), our collective faiths are what mold the spiritual foundation of our family community, and branches to every other aspect of our lives. So every member participates in their own way. It’s the same way with Ramadan which falls the week before the week of Easter. These two two religious observances allows us the opportunity as a family to dig deeper into our faiths. We get to explore more about how our faiths impact us individually as well as a family, and our family world outlook on the issues that matter most to us.

Spiritual values that shape who we are.

We are more than just physical beings, we have a spiritual side to us that somewhere gets put on the back burner amongst the other aspect of our lives. It’s during these holy months between Lent/Easter and Ramadan/Eid ul Fitr that we are given the opportunity to focus on our faith and strengthen it as a family. There’s so much that can be said on this issue, but that would be too much to include in one article, so thought this Easter and Ramadhan season Writing Elite will dedicate other “Faith and Spirituality articles on different aspects of strengthening our religious practice and spiritual insight. For now though, we’d like to hear from you’ll – our Writing Elite fam. What aspect of your faiths are you looking to strengthen? Drop us a comment or shoot our editorial staff an email at


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