Perspectives in the workplace: Tips for working in 2022


Ahmad J. | Writing Elite Editor-in-Chief


The scariest thing about working in 2022 is that no one knows exactly what it will look like, and with fears of the Omicron variant spreading at a rapid pace causing things to look almost similar to 2020 where workers jobs were either put on hold or closed. This forced a record breaking number people to rely on unemployment; remote work, freelancing (some for the first time), or risking their health and the health of loved ones to continue providing for their families.

Many people simply couldn’t afford to shelter in place, and we began seeing essential workers across industries that previously weren’t considered essential challenged by the way many employers were slowly adjusting to the impact Covid-19 was making in every aspect of everyday life, including how and where we work. So the questions that gnaw at many peoples’ minds constantly is what will working or finding work at a living wage look like in 2022? Is remote and hybrid work here to stay, or is it a temporary fix as long as Covid-19 brings more variants to the table to test our resolve?

In my opinion as a longtime freelancer who has also worked as an employee along side freelancing, I can honestly tell you as some employers are struggling with remote and hybrid forms of work things will look a bit messy (duh 🙄). Those of us that are passionate about taking our skills seriously and are in search of finding companies that truly value us will be noticeable the closer we look at their work culture.


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While the true colors of any workplace can be hidden until you’ve gotten settled into your job role in some cases it may become apparent during the interview, or you may even see signs of it on your first day. We’ve all had what we’ve perceived to be a bad employer or toxic workplace. It can be a very traumatic experience, and from those experiences we have some idea of what to look out for.

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