Writing Elite Gaming Guides: Starting off your Mining Career in Elite Dangerous.

You take in the beautiful scenery of the deep purple gas giant while swimming through a sea of asteroids to pick the right one to begin mining. Keeping your eyes on your radar, wary of pirates you finally settle on a massive rock not to far from your present position, and let loose a prospecting limpet to bring back a read out of the asteroids properties before beginning the mining process. The asteroid’s surface shimmers as the limpet makes contact sending back the info needed, and you smile as if hitting the lottery; gliding in close to begin extracting ore.

For many Cmdrs. in the Elite Dangerous game, mining can be a boring, and uneventful they would rather pass up for more exciting and equally profitable (if not more dangerous) roles. Yet for the small few pilots that take up the role it can be one of the easiest and worthwhile. It also lends itself into other passive forms of income within the game. Which is where this guide comes into play.

We’ll be doing a little bit of everything, and I’ll try to keep in a pretty simple format; but for now enjoy this first episode where we’ll cover some pretty simple basics.


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