Embracing the Great Resignation and Navigating a New Era of Work.

Ahmad J. Writing Elite Editor-in-Chief

The newest trend in workplaces that’s becoming widely known as the ‘The Great Resignation’ is giving more and more workers  in a variety of fields to rethink the way they work. It almost seems like a tug of war between employers and millions of job seekers – along with those who have managed to maintain their jobs through the pandemic. The back and forth being in terms of many changes employees are wanting to see and those employers are willing to trade with while still being able to stay afloat during a crazy economic time.

There doesn’t seem to an end in sight to any of it, and many people are using the changes and empowerment that it all brings to their advantage. You may be wondering, how does quitting your job during a pandemic that has shaken the world economy? Like literally, the whole world; and there really isn’t an end in sight to the ripple effect that Covid-19 has caused. There have been many reasons and perspectives people have put forward as to why 4.4 million Americans just up and quit for brighter new pastures.

Personally, I say it’s about time 😂🤙🏾. When you think about the industries that was hit the hardest – not only by the recession – but also the Great Resignation that was supposed to be our economy’s comeback moment, there’s really no surprise. Industries such as retail and hospitality, the tech industry, and manufacturing amongst others are all feeling the burn, but lets go back to that first one, because whether we chose to acknowledge it or not, those people working in retail and hospitality jobs have not only seen the most risk, but also are the lowest paid; many with no real opportunity for advancement or reasonable work/life balance. My own experience in retail, which you can read more on here; is my own testimony to how unfair, if not down right discriminatory the retail industry can be towards people of coloring particular.

So what can be made of the ushering in of a new era of work, where employees not employers are seeing and taking advantage of the changes we’ve had to endure during the pandemic. The first thing that can be noted is – as with prior to the pandemic your next direction in your career, or new career takes planning and goal setting. The only difference here is you aren’t really limited to a physical location or building. For example, if you’re planning to take a new direction with a company you currently work for, but are looking for a role that grants you more freedom. Remote work rapidly became a reality for many during the pandemic, and so companies all over the world, regardless of how they felt about freelancers and remote work were forced to implement some version of it and tweak it if they wanted to hit their ROI each quarter. Now employees looking to transfer to sole or part time remote work have a little more leverage, just be sure you can back up the workload you’re promising in that proposal.


A Great Classic Worth Reading in 2022

A profoundly original masterpiece such as “Images of Organization”, is a worthwhile read for both managers and other leaders as well as employees and self-employed people.


Another thing job seekers can do to tap into the upheaval of the current challenges of the working world, is to let go of the drive to pick up any job. Not all jobs are created equal, and for many people this year the old (I actually hate when people say this)saying of “A job is a job”. Just doesn’t ring true to them anymore. All it takes is a bit of creative thinking, and tapping into your transferable skills to maximize your options. And as you’ll learn from reading “Images of Organization”, tapping into the company’s workplace culture and examining if it’s the right workplace for you, among other things isn’t a luxury we can afford to ignore going into 2022.


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