January Book of the Month

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It’s a brand new year, full of awesome opportunities. Regardless of how you may feel about the state of things currently going on in the world 2022 should be the year of looking up rather than down. After all 2020 and 2021 were rough years for everyone. They were full of doubt and anxiety concerning our families, finances, and jobs. Crime in many places were and still are on the rise. Yet as hard as it may sound looking at the positive potential that maybe awaiting us this year is a good place to start.

One of the many changes that we see being brought into 2022 is the new world of work, the fresh perspective many working American (and International) families are having about their jobs and careers and what they want out of them. This conversation which probably has been a long time coming as also touched upon the underlying demon of horrible management (and terrible bosses) that have always been known and even had a few movies made about them.

Horrible bosses like this guy…

Which brings us to our first book of the month for the new year. “Images of Organization” written by Gareth Morgan. I actually came across this classic text on organizational sciences combing through my local library’s book sale and it’s been my go to ever since. At the time I was 2 years into my tenure at Whole Foods Market, and it actually helped me pick up on many things going on with in that organization that would have flown under the radar or have been brushed under the rug during my hectic work days.



It takes a multifaceted look at the structure of organizations, giving the reader a deeper look at where many go right and wrong. And it is a must read for the employee as well as the manager especially as we prepare to navigate our working lives in 2022. We wouldn’t want to give away too much about this wonderful book without you reading it, just enough to wet your palate and get you all interested, but don’t worry we are working on a post to get a little deeper on many of the topics discussed in it for our Perspectives in the Workplace category.


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