Just for Dads: Building your Everyday Carry to Stay Prepared.

Hi Writing Elite families,

In this post, we wanted to go over a subject that I’m sure all you dads, (and even moms) should be giving thought to if you haven’t already started the process of building upon. Needless to say, we live in some pretty scary times; and not to scare anyone reading this but preparation is key to not only being ready when an emergency happens but to also give you and your family some peace of mind.

So this post will be something of a compilation that our family has of our own quality EDC (Everyday Carry) products for defensive tactics.

Disclaimer: Some of the products we’ve reviewed should be checked to see if they are legal in your state/jurisdiction. At no time should they be concealed carry unless you have secured a permit (if applicable in your state/jurisdiction.

 Before Building Your EDC

So before we even begin talking about building your EDC, let’s discuss a little bit about why it’s important in the first place. For those of you who have no idea what an EDC is, we’ll begin there. Basically, EDC and EDC kits, are items that you would carry on you at all times.  It can range from simple items such as a pocket knife, lighter, or penlight (or small but sturdy flashlight), your cellphone and accessories, etc. These are the bare minimum items, and depending on your own personal preferences and where you live those items can vary.

Giving you a sense of reality

No there’s nothing wrong with the link, rather the video below is an example of a possible scenario many people world wide face on a daily basis. Not to say you’ll be attacked the next time you step outside your door, rather that preperation for any situation is always a good thing.

To help our family do that, I subscribe to Active Self Protection, and encourage you too as well. It’s a great channel for useful information on developing your ability to protect yourself.

Myself personally, I always carried a pocket knife along with my cellphone, some paracord (or another sturdy chord), and a pen and notepad. I found myself, over the past year upgrading my personal EDC as well as Sophia’s to items that enhanced our ability to protect ourselves in a pinch if the situation ever arose. So some of this list will consist of self-defense items that we felt comfortable in carrying. It comes with a little bit of research into your state and city laws, you don’t want to end up carrying anything that would get you arrested. So don’t be afraid to ask, “What are your individual rights in terms of what’s legal to carry where you reside?” At the end of this post, there will be a link that will make tracking down such information a little easier.

What’s in our EDC?

Custom survival kit

I came across these as I was shopping to find a survival kit for one of my daughter’s camping trip, and in the course of looking of shopping around I came across these Something like this is a necessity for us to have in the car. So I did a little more research and tracked down these three quality survival kits you should definitely have in your vehicle for emergency situations!

Aokiwo 126Pcs Emergency Survival Kit and First Aid Kit

Stealth Angel Compact 8-in-1 Survival Kit

MASTER SOS First Aid Survival Kit

 A good pen: Never leave home without it.

As a writer, I can attest to the versatility of a good ink pen, and as someone who knows the importance of staying on top of your EDC game, it goes without saying it’s something you should never leave the house without it.

OLIGHT OPEN 2 120 Lumens USB Rechargeable LED Pen Light

The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen 

Tactical pens are for more than just writing however, they provide an excellent force enhancer to striking and possibly disarming an attacker.

Paracords and Monkeyfists.

If you’re not familiar with paracord, you are truly missing out on one of the greatest items ever invented, especially if you are a homeowner and into DIY projects around the house. Its strength lies… well, in its strength. It’s called 550 parachute cord due to its ability to hold up to 550 lbs and trust me you can use it for virtually anything. Need to strap something down in the bed of a pick-up… paracord. Doing some landscaping and need to make bundles out of trimmings… paracord. With all that said, trust us paracord is a must have. Especially if you know how to form a monkey fist. Traditionally used onboard fishing and naval vessels to retrieve things from the water and other nautical activities. Monkey fists can also be a great EDC tool to carry on your keychain as a flail weapon.

105ft 750lb Paracord Rope Nylon Parachute Cord 3/16 Inch Paracord 750 – Genuine Mil Spec Type IV Used by The US Military (MIl-C-5040-H)

Monkey fists

YourKart 5″ Monkey Fist Doorstop Natural Jute Rope Sailor Knot

Expandable batons

While you can find some of these on Amazon, we advise you to shop on the more quality brands such as ASP and Smith&Wesson. Yes, their products are a significant investment (anywhere from $60 – $123), it’s an investment where you can be sure of the quality. Both Sophia and I carry 16 inch Smith&Wesson collapsible baton, and they haven’t failed us yet. 🤙🏾😏


Life-lite Pepper Ball launcher

So let’s be honest, not everyone wants to rely only on using firearm for the protection of themselves and their families. Some people simply can’t legally own one. So we aren’t against the ownership of firearms (we’re actually for it), but not every situation requires a gun.

With that said,  those looking for an effective less than lethal option, should consider looking into a pepper ball launcher. While you may hear some snickers and even a little criticism from naysayers, the reality is a well maintained pepper ball launcher from a quality brand is a less than lethal option that’s worth the investment.

We chose Pepperball, because we were impressed with the quality of their product as well as their customer service. Check out this review to learn more.


Tactical knives

While a good folder is indispensable, there are also instances where you’re going to need a good-quality tactical knife. Granted it’s always a good idea to check with your local and state jurisdictions’ laws concerning what you can legally have on you in the public space.



This next one is going to be a bit of an odd one, but in terms of practical usage, it’s worth taking a look into.

In my experience it’s not wise to use the actual weapon for training, so we tracked down these great trainer manriki chains for you! 🤙🏾




Alright Dad’s for now that’s all we have, but if you have a great EDC tool you would like for us to review, from us a comment below! 🤙🏾

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