Veteran’s Day Reflections

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USS Carl Vinson, Deck Dept. 2nd Div. I’m the third from the left on the bottom.


If you had told me 25 years ago, I would join the Navy, do some traveling and even participate in a 4 day naval bombing campaign in Iraq, I might have laughed, shrugged it off and continued doing what most young people did at that time – mostly consisting of sports (Taekwondo / Karate), playing video games, and attempting to chase girls 😂. So for me, like most veterans every Veterans Day is a time to reflect on the accomplishments I made, the trouble I got into as a young sailor (believe me there’s plenty) and the things I saw in my brief naval career. To be honest, being a sailor was one of the dirtiest, challenging, and at times extremely fun jobs I’ve had. I just wish I had been a tad bit mature to put more into it.

However, I would take nothing back from it, and in many of the conversations with my eldest children when contemplating military service – I take the lessons I’ve learned in my experience and help them to plot a route in their journey. My first advise is usually to research what they want to do and the requirements they have to have to get the job. It almost always makes your transition from civilian life to military life easier if you have an MOS/Rating that you enjoy. I got to my first duty station in the Pacific NW as an unrated seaman, and I’ve regretted the decision ever since. 😂

After all if you were ever in the Navy, who can forget WOG Day! 🤙🏾🤪


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 More of my Adventures During WestPac 98 – 99

One of my all time favorite places to visit, I’ve often contemplated going back over the years!



Happy Veterans Day! To all of those who have served! 🎖🪖







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