November Book of the Month

There’s something about Pastor Mike Todd that makes you pay attention. Perhaps it’s the way he brings many of the complex lessons and beliefs within the Bible down to a contemporary level of understanding. If you’ve already read his first New York Time’s best seller “Relationship Goals”, which was based on his notable sermon series that tackled many spiritual challenges faced by both single people and couples. With his second book, Pastor Todd takes us on a journey through the many levels of faith that encompass coming to the final goal, which is faith doesn’t have to be this safe, sound and cozy place where everything fall into order. Rather it’s a crazy rollercoaster of ups and downs, wins and losses, as well as some sacrifice.

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The Foundation of Faith.

Everything in our lives has to be built on sturdy ground, from our families to our career choices – if there isn’t a strong foundation there’s a very low chance that it will weather the various stormy challenges life throws at us. Likewise our faith, whether we are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. have to have a solid spiritual foundation.

Which leads us back to the concept of “Crazy Faith”, when Sophia and I first began learning this concept we began to see many areas where we began to build on the foundation of our respective faiths and our general family faith. Things that we previously thought were far out of reach, or seemingly impossible began to take place. There were plenty of times that those occurrences had no explanation behind them, or were one of those surprise blessings, regardless they were crazy occurrences we could only attribute to God’s Grace and Blessings.

We highly advise that if you find your faith lacking something, and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Check out Pastor Todd’s newest best seller “Crazy Faith”.


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