Teenage Daughter Feels She’s Ready for Sex

Carrie asks:

I need advice my teen who’s 14 has come to me and said she thinks she’s ready to have sex with her boyfriend. She’s never had sex before and I don’t know what to do or say to change her mind. She’s my eldest so I’ve never had too do this before.


Writing Elite Staff:

The fact that your child came to you and and confided in you about her readiness is great thing. It’s the opportunity to hear how she’s feeling, the inner emotions that she’s willing to express and arm her with information and knowledge to help her make the appropriate life choices. Obviously she isn’t ready for sex, she’s only 14; and while she may have strong feelings for her boyfriend, but that attraction may not be backed up by anything other than lust.

The both of them should be counseled as to the harms having sex too early in their relationship. What if your daughter becomes pregnant, is her boyfriend not only mature enough to be a father, but also financially responsible and ready for a child, should that be a result? So do take the time to have a conversation with them (if the boyfriends parents are willing as well) and discuss the important implications of sex at their age.


Resources for parents:

Many parents find that talking with their children about sexuality and reproduction can be overwhelming and stressful. Planned Parenthood has many resources to help giving our children a quality information on sexuality and reproduction easier.



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