Connecting Families into Virtual Villages.



The past couple of years have seen an increase in a family dynamic that was beginning to all but disappear prior to 2019, but more and more families are coming together as multigenerational households. Having grandma and grandpa in the home is no longer a thing for holidays and family gatherings.

Along with that change, families are learning to adapt in creative ways. My brother, for example; was able to think of creative solution to his home by investing in expanding his home in a way that was cost effective and helped to make use of the square footage of his home. Apart from a very creative use of space, one of the amazing aspects of this is it allowed my nieces and nephews to be in the immediate presence of our parents, their grandparents. 

It was for me a nod in how we grew up, having uncles, aunts; grandparents, great grand parents, etc, etc within a close tight knit community within the larger community. It was the epitome of a village raising their youth. While it is an African proverb that is deeply felt within African American communities, and to various degrees is still practiced amongst many families. But then there are many families that don’t have that same community, either from not being close to their family physically or there isn’t a strong connection through some family trauma. Yet, there is that need that still needs to be met, the need of having a close connection to a community, after all human beings have a deep need for community.

Technology and the Human Family

We’ve all felt the overwhelming disconnect the pandemic has caused in general to public life, and we’ve had our eyes opened to the connections we may have neglected with close family members. Amazingly many families who might have given the technology they use everyday for granted are now learning to use it to once again rebuild those connections that were lost. Apps such as FaceTime, and Zoom which for many were used for business and work, shifted to useful tools to connect with parents and grandparents who were unable to leave their homes for health reasons. And for those families that are fortunate to have the older generation in the same home or neighborhood, it can be an added bonus. Grandpa can take on his son and grandson in any range of video games that aren’t complex, and are a fun and competitive activity.

Here at Writing Elite, we have a clear idea of the potential as well as the dangers of technology. To be honest, most of the harm that comes with technology can be averted with well thought out prevention, laying down simple but effective guidelines with how technology is used should be the first line of defense. With our own children, we are careful with not only how much screen time our children, but also the quality of the content along with its age appropriateness. It sounds like an overwhelming juggle, but it’s really a simple matter of does the content being viewed go beyond the grounds of our values. 

There is an article our editor-in-chief wrote on how families have adopted technology to the changes families have felt over the past year, take a look here to read more!

So Writing Elite families, how have you’ll been using technology to bring your families closer. We love hearing great ideas from our readers, so drop us a comment, or shoot us an email.








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