October Book of the Month

We’re are all geared up for Halloween! The kids all have the theme of their costumes picked out and are excited to show them off. I’m scared already 😬😱 Speaking of scary, you know what’s really, really scary… clowns; and why wouldn’t our scariest book of the month be a classic! I doubt there aren’t very many people who haven’t seen the movie version of Stephen King’s “It”, but for this halloween (which happens to fall on a weekend 🎶) why not scare yourself by reading the novel!

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Pick up your copy today! Don’t be Scaaaared!


Which brings us to the main antagonist in the book, Pennywise the Clown (or whatever ‘it’ truly is), as well as how every 27 years Pennywise wakes up from its’ slumber to prey on the children of Derry, Maine. Ever since first watching the miniseries in 1990, I absolutely had to read the novel and as they often times say about the novels movies are based on … reading the book is always better. 😏 Not that it was a bad movie, it was a great scare of a movie; but the novel gives the reader more insight into the characters. In regards to our favorite evil clown, it’s so scary an 80’s punk rock band named themselves after him.

Go ahead and pick up this classic horror novel to read in the dark for yourself, but be warned… you might want to keep a flashlight handy.

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