March Book of the Month: The Crossover

Hi Writing Elite family,

So for this entry in our Book of the Month, we thought we’d explore an exciting 2015 Newbery Medal-winning book written by children’s writer Kwame Alexander, titled “The Crossover”.  A wonderful book detailing a story in which the themes of the story are told entirely in verse.

We don’t want to give away too much about the book itself, in order to get you’ll to check out the book for yourselves. we’ll go into some of the details of the book in order to spark your interest, even if you aren’t a fan of basketball.

The theme we wanted to highlighted most in this book is that of brotherhood and growing up. I’m pretty sure if you have brothers, then this theme will come close to home for you. It did for me as I have 3 biological brothers and 2 stepbrothers. So, in engaging the wonderful story of two brothers, as they see life through the lens of their favorite past time; we (the reader) will also engage this story from a little bit of their childhood, or even current circumstances.

My brothers played basketball and football, while I leaned more to combative sports (Karate, Taekwondo, etc), but we even crossed over into each other’s interest, and I can see in growing up with my brothers the competitiveness these two brothers engaged in throughout much of the book.

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