Brighten the Light in Your Homes Through Prayer.

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As busy as my day gets, I’m amazed I find time to contemplate and pray. Sophia has also found precious time to strengthen our relationship with God (Mighty and Majestic). For her, the mornings, before the children are awake work best. It’s one of the many subtle blessings we’ve come to enjoy despite everything going on around us. Almost as if our home is in an invisible yet impenetrable bubble where many of the blessings that God intended for us enter and the worst of the worst is kept from us.

A beautiful verse of the Qur’an comes to mind:

“O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed Allah is with the patient,” HQ 2:153)

Not that we don’t see any hard times, we do; however, the subtle power of prayer helps us see deeper than the obvious sting that comes with life’s most trying moments. As hard as it may seem amid the storm, this simple and often misunderstood remedy isn’t just for Muslims. Any firm believer in God will benefit from knowing that the key to developing a sound, serene heart is the active seeking of God’s help through prayer and the virtue of patience in God’s wisdom.

“I find it hard to believe/trust God! What has he ever done for me?!” 

This was something I once heard from a co-worker at one of my previous jobs. It was strange to hear then and remains a strange thing as I reflect on it some years later. The problem with it is, it’s a rather hasty thing to say since as human beings we can’t see the complete picture of life as we live it. It’s like knowing who will win a sports contest before the game is complete. Unless the game is rigged, it would be safe to say no one can confidently know what the outcome will be.

It goes without saying – in our current social, economic, and political environment prayer is an essential spiritual tool. Families can’t afford to not take advantage of it. Regardless of your faith, prayer is blessed for everyone and every aspect of our lives.

I often comment to Sophia, these times, in a way; remind me of a well known Christian and Islamic recount of the Youth of the Cave (also known as the 7 sleepers of Ephesus). If you aren’t familiar with the story, you can read about it here


Those young men were completely shut out from the rest of the world for quite a while! Yet, they were amid God’s embrace, shielding them from the persecution in which they had hidden in the cave. Likewise, all of us in these current times are confined to ‘caves’ of our own. It’s up to us what we fill these caves with. Will it be an environment where God’s blessings flourish or one where God’s blessings and God’s good pleasure is missing?

So regardless of your personal faith; take time out to connect with God in your prayers. Whether it’s a personalized conversational one or one you may have memorized from scripture. Prayer is a powerful weapon you and your family can use to revive your ‘cave’ and fill it with God’s love



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