Three Beautiful Fall DIY Ideas for Home.

With Fall finally, here, I’m sure a lot more of you are looking to get into decorating your homes to get the warm and cozy feeling that comes with fall.

These wonderful stick candles are a great way to spruce up your table and almost any area of your home, enlivening it with your favorite fall scents. Here’s what you will need to begin.

The directions are pretty simple. Secure your cinnamon sticks to your favorite candle with the rubber band and then cover the rubber band by wrapping it the twine over it. You can finish it off with a simple bow knot or explore your own creativity and find other elaborate knots to use.


The above pin is one of my favorite looks for fall, I’m not quite sure how pumpkin patches are going to be operating; and almost sure that grocery stores are going to have a hard time keeping them in their produce sections. We thought these might be a great substitute. 

Give your living room a creative form of warmer lighting with these Ivy garland and sting lights. This look I feel works particularly well for living rooms or study areas of your home where you would occasionally like to have a softer light source.

If you’d like to see more of the beautiful and easy DIY fall ideas Sophia and her team have been coming up with check out our Pinterest board. And if you would like to share any ideas you and your family would like to share, feel free to let us know by send an email to Ahmad Jenkins. If we like your idea, we’ll use it in one of our upcoming fall DIY posts.

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