Book of The Month: September

It’s that time again, yes; it’s time to see what our book of the month for September is. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to feature. I had been racking my brain for the latter part of August over what to choose, that is until one Sunday afternoon. The day had mostly been uneventful until around lunchtime when the air was suddenly full of our children’s calls for, “Stop it!”, “Get out of my room!” and “Stop touching me!”. Sophia wonders how I’m able to work in under such chaotic conditions… there are times I wonder too.

I guess for any parent with more than one child, it wouldn’t be a normal day if siblings didn’t argue at least once. It brought my attention to this wonderful graphic novel that gives us an entertaining, yet surreal look at the inner lives of siblings (sisters in particular). Raina Telgemeier’s story of her and her sister’s hilarious road trip from their home in San Francisco, CA to a family reunion in Colorado will not only bring you back to your own childhood with your siblings or remind you of the occasional chaotic but funny moments with your own children.

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