August Book of the Month: “Peek-a-WHO?” by Nina Laden


I’m sure you’ll have been anxiously awaiting what our Book of the Month for August would be? I figured so, and thought that parents would love this pick for August. It’s theme is a favorite game of Josiah’s lately, “peek-a-boo!”. It’s called, “Peek-a-Who” writted by Nina Laden.

For parents to 18 – 24 month old children, you’re already noticing an awesome habit developing in your child, they begin gravitating towards books with themes attractive to them. Josiah loves trucks; monster trucks, fire trucks, cranes bulldozers… and the louder they are the more exciting they are to him. So, yes; a must that has been on his little reading list consists of trucks. What about your child?

Sophia and I decided to shake things up by getting him this one, since he loves playing peek-a-boo so much he instantly drops what he’s doing to play along. What we love about this particular book. is that it’s very interactive for children who simply love turning the pages, and they will definitely get a kick out of the last page that includes a ‘mirror page’. This board book is a definite must have for your  little one’s library.

So be sure to check it out, and let us know what your thoughts are on this Augusts’ Book of the Month.


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