Building Your Child’s Spiritual Insight

Building Your Child’s Spiritual Insight

Humble during attending one of her conferences with the LDS Church.

Regardless of your family’s religious affiliation, the children within your family will begin with a very natural spiritual insight that is different from the theologically based worldview of their parents. This is the case whether your family practices the same religious tradition or is an interfaith family.

Children however still need guidance and support from their parents and other family members as they begin to learn and express more of their own spiritual insight. The first step many elders in a child’s family must wrap their head around is how to best begin teaching children of different age groups spiritual lessons and ideals. The first thing for parents would be, being observable spiritual examples. In other words, they must see us pray, study, and practice our faiths so that they can grasp their own spiritual insight and practice.

Jordyn still loves to thumb through this book, obviously it is advanced for her but she loves it because she sees me read it often.

Simply telling a child to pray, or ‘Do unto others..’ will do little for their spiritual growth. Children,  especially young children think in terms of action; and they learn that action through observing their first teachers ( i.e. you the parents/ elder family members). It is for us to not only live better spiritually connected lives for ourselves but also for the little ones that watch our every move, every day. And yes they watch us every day.



For interfaith families, this can be confusing if not stressful conversation without both parents learning to communicate and plan a spiritual family structure, and revisit that plan annually. Sophia and I did this well before we had children, and continue to do so as our children get older. Even though our faiths have differences, there are also similarities that outweigh those differences on so many levels. It’s those similarities that we stress and strive to impart on our children’s growing spiritual awareness. This is something even parents of same faith households can put into practice.

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