COVID – 19 is changing the Working World.

COVID – 19 is changing the Working World.

by Ahmad Jenkins

As more and more people are allowed to work from home, many more are finding themselves taking on self-employment out of necessity due to COVID -19’s impact on the economy.


 The state of the economy is largely uncertain. There are various expectations as to how many jobs will be lost in the long run, which according to Goldman Sachs, for example, the forecast is expected to be around 2.5% over the first half of this year. While many companies are struggling to retain employees amongst an ongoing trend of layoffs, there are also larger companies pumping up their hiring in an effort to meet growing demand in their industries. Amazon, as you may have heard, recently announced it is hiring an additional 100,000 employees despite the previous threats of Amazon warehouse and whole foods market protests.

With an impending recession on the way, many Americans are scrambling for a way to make it through as best as they can. Some as we’ve mentioned in past posts take the step to start a business or freelance their skills as best they can, those who are still fortunate enough to work and save, do so along with building up their savings and budgeting better. There is one thing that is for certain. The way we work will definitely change, not just with workers themselves, but companies also are looking as to how they will run various aspects of their business. It can be assumed automation will be a big part of that change.


    1. I know how you feel, I’m also feeling some apprehension, but also see some opportunities. Change is never painless.

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