The Daring Escape: A Short Story

Viewing the rapidly moving figure from the shadows Humble, moved cautiously and quietly to flank the figure that had been tracking her and Chad in the unrenovated spaces of the church. The strange figure frustrated at having lost it’s intended victims threw caution to the wind and began overturning tables in an effort to locate them. The noise it was making was to her advantage as she went from hiding place to hiding place undetected.

From her new spot, she could spot Chad as he swiftly dodged being found and rolled to a new hiding place to where they could see one another. They quickly through the use of sign language formed a plan to get away from their pursuer. The idea was to flank it from the rear on opposite sides with an old blanket and some rope Humble was able to find amongst the junk in the room. They would try to bind it and escape to go find their dad. They quickly moved into position as quietly as possible. Their pursuer unknowingly keeping up his or her search to find them tossing boxes and other randomly discarded items out of the way.

Chad accidentally knocked over a stack of boxes and they both dove for cover as the shadowy figure spun around to see who was flanking it. It began moving towards the source of the noise and as it got closer the children could see it a little better. The figure was clad in a traditional shinobi shōzoku and light body armor, it’s hand never leaving the handle of its sword as it searched every high and low coming even closer to Humble’s hiding spot. The ninja stopped next to the table where Humble was crouched, her left hand poised to throw shuriken in case she needed to make a quick exit.

The ninja walked past her a few steps and then backtracked to the room’s entrance. Humble let out a sigh of relief and relaxed a little. Before she could get too comfortable a strong, yet gentle grip seized her as she was forced to run from her hiding place. Chad  The table vanished from sight as their pursuer tore through the cluttered room in an attempt to catch them. “Quick the stairwell!” Chad shouted as he grabbed Humble’s arm and they dashed up the stairwell leading to the roof.

Humble was almost clipped by the sudden appearance of Chad’s arm in her way. Both of them skidding to a sudden halt, wide-eyed bewilderment struck their faces; and hidden weapons were unsheathed. A squad of ninja stepped out of the shadows that danced about the roof and surrounding buildings. “Can I go left this time?” Chad asked humorously, “You guys always send Donte left.”. Humble rolled her eyes and smiled, “Fine, go left, just don’t hurt yourself. Not even Dad is going to believe this…”.


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