Why Reading to Your Children is so Important

I love to read so naturally have my own library – along with our youngest teen and younger children’s library we have and collect a large collections of books from a huge array of genres. They have plenty of books to choose from and of course there’s room for more. 2022 is looking to be a great opportunity to brush up on those reading habits, but first; why is it important to read to our kids?

A study was done at Ohio State University, which shows that children entering kindergarten, whose parents have read them five books a day have heard 1.4 million more words than those who have never been read to. This is important because this extended vocabulary will help those children develop their reading and vocabulary skills now that they are in school.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Reading to your child not only helps with school readiness, language development, thinking skills, and vocabulary but it helps them develop their imaginations and empathy as they identify with the characters in the books. Reading with your child also helps to build a strong bond between you and your child, as well as any other siblings, in short, it will bring the family closer together.

So grab a book and start reading to your child. The earlier the better but it is never too late, just make it a daily routine to read at least one book to your child every day.

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