The Underlying Dangers of Youtube

This post is soley meant for parents as one of the links is of a graphic nature and not meant for children . We at Writing Elite strive to provide truly family friendly content and have only included it to warn parents and encourage them to report so that it is removed. Hopefully, with enough parents stepping up YouTube will get the hint and finally put forth the effort to initiate better monitoring of what is produced in its platform.

-Ahmad Jenkins

Writing Elite Editor in Chief


As parents, we all strive to protect our children from harmful media as best as we can. Yet, when individuals continue to target young children with startling harmful content in such alarming numbers and companies that claim to strive to keep such content away from young eyes, yet allow it to be produced using images that attract young children it can seem as if it’s a hard slap in the face.

Such is the case with YouTube ( This is a safe link) and it’s so-called child-friendly app YouTube Kids. If you remember not too long ago the world wide scare that was the Momo challenge, that was targeting children’s media with horrifically graphic content. The problems that plague both formats is far from over. In a recent investigation, I uncovered a YouTube channel with the name Atuwueiwue Haiqjeowie (Warning: It’s highly graphic) where a character from the popular cartoon CocoMelon was depicted holding a knife and covered with blood and a large cut over the forehead. It gets worse, all of this channels 40 some odd videos featured the names of characters from several popular YouTube characters that children could accidentally access.

Such videos seem to be slipped in under YouTube’s nose to the horror of parents only to take these parents and their innocent children’s eyes by surprise. Yet YouTube maintains it’s YouTube Kids platform is a safe alternative to the trash that can be accessed on YouTube. Believe me, as someone who creates content for children through Youtube, I find it appalling that anyone would create such garbage to target young children, and equally appalling YouTube officials show such little concern for the welfare of children and the content created for them on their platform. As with any predator of young children, predators on YouTube take advantage of what’s popular with children.  (This link is safe, I promise).

Alternatives to YouTube.

The appeal to YouTube for many is that it is a source of a free platform for many forms of media and a means of media creation for many. However as useful as it may seem free doesn’t always spell out quality when it comes to young minds, and YouTube amongst many other media platforms has been plagued with questionable content. Anyone familiar with Elsagate is already familiar with the need to find suitable alternatives to YouTube for their family. Here are a few that immediately come to mind.



Nick Jr.


While not a complete list, these are apps where the need strictly child-friendly media is taken more seriously, and while you shouldn’t rely on them to ‘babysit’ your children; parents can feel reassured there these companies work a bit harder to ensure that horrific content won’t ‘accidentally’ pop up on their apps and platforms.


So parents lets get more of a conversation on this going. What apps are you using for your child to view their favorite shows? Are you and your children using (or formerly) using YouTube and looking for alternatives that won’t break the bank? Writing Elite is here for you. Comment below and we’ll keep an eye out on the latest news on the best child-friendly apps!

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