Book of The Month: June 2020

If you’ve been keeping up with our book of the month series, I appreciate it! We’ve been working hard to curate the best titles to feature just for you our viewers and subscribers. For the month of June, we wanted to feature an awesome book that we feel has the potential to change the direction of many people’s relationships, “Relationship Goals” by Pastor Micheal Todd.

My wife as a member of Transformation Church which Pastor Todd leads gave me a heads up on the book from which was a good follow up to his amazing lecture series by the same title. If you haven’t seen it here is one of the videos from that popular series.

In the book, Pastor Todd takes a step by step biblical approach to relationships from the before dating phase to marriage and gives clear advice to how couples can not only build a meaningful relationship with one another, but also one with God in the process. To get the full advantage of this amazing book we are offering (affiliate) links for both the book and the study guide.

As always with affiliate links, we use them to help keep Writing Elite going, and only use trusted sources. Thank you to all our visitors and subscribers for supporting us. Yes, get this book! Sophia and I have learned so much from it. So you know it’s that good!

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