Celebrating Easter During The Coronavirus Pandemic.

Our Easter Celebration

We at Writing Elite hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. This year all over the world people are celebrating Easter in a different way due to the Coronavirus’s disruption of our day to day activities. Despite that families have still managed to adapt and make their Easter celebrations just as special, if not more so.

Ours has been no different, while we couldn’t celebrate with our larger family as we traditionally do. We got creative and had the kid’s dye eggs, share Easter candy, and even had an Easter egg hunt in the comfort and safety of home. Like many families getting outside for many of the activities was a challenge we foresaw prior to Easter, with that in mind Sophia and I made it a point that we all needed some fresh air. We took the opportunity to take some family pictures outside, and enjoy a little sunshine.


While Coronavirus may not be going anywhere anytime soon, and will continue to play a major impact on the way we go about our day to day activities, it also allows families the opportunity to deepen relationships within their homes to allow each member to add their own creative touches to family traditions and activities.

Easter egg hunt
The Easter Bunny made it a point to line the hallway with eggs 🙂


As with all of our posts here on Writing Elite, we love to connect reading, and the passion we love to encourage in families for reading together with every aspect of life. If you’ve been keeping up with our Book of the Month for April, we hope you’ve had the opportunity to check out or purchase “Rising Strong” by Brene Brown we also have a wonderful book for parents that gives helpful advice on raising children in this smartphone generation.

We hope you all have a wonderful, safe and healthy week.

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