Shifting Our Perspective of These Uncertain Times

It’s an understatement to say that many people are in survival, panic or doomsday mode over the recent and sudden spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), and its impact on not only the lives of those it directly affects, but various businesses and companies and it’s employees. It’s changing people’s lives and in many ways forcing them to adjust the way they are living and go about their day.

It also opens up to a thoughtful observer what it brings out in people that would otherwise remain hidden in the subtle and habitual routines society blinds people with. Within the first months of the pandemics spread in many states and cities, stores were stripped bare, as well as limited in their ability to restock. This carried the conversation into the way people shop, what they buy (the majority seem to like toilet paper); as well as, the honesty of retail businesses in their pricing in times of social panic.



“And on the earth are signs for the certain (in faith); and in yourselves. Then will you not see?”  (Qur’an 51: 20-21)

In a recent conversation with my wife, we talked about the various reactions people were having to a natural phenomenon that occurs often in the natural world. Pandemics are not new, although scary when they do strike, there have been many that have come and gone that made an impression or shifted the perspective on people and how we carry out our lives collectively in society. So much is being covered about recent events, largely negative and from a perspective of fear; yet there is another perspective to take in.

Dr. Hassan Elwan gives us some advice on how to embrace the uncertainty of the times we find ourselves in.

While people are advised and in some cases required to self-quarantine and observe social distancing, they are also being given an opportunity our fast-paced society has all but blinded us to. Things we may have put on the back burner because we were too busy at work, that precious time with our children, that opportunity to observe self-care by reading a good book, meditating, moving forward with that decluttering project, or spring cleaning because the time we thought wasn’t there, was by a manner of God’s overriding wisdom provided suddenly.

For other people, it presents an opportunity to evaluate their livelihoods and careers, as a growing number of businesses are either closing temporarily, or forcing large numbers of its employees to work from home. There are also people who due to being suddenly unemployed and having to either limit their time in public or can’t go out at all start to freelance their skills and experience online. While this may seem like an almost impossible task, it is actually only challenging and not outside the realm of possibility. In fact, there are many freelance writers and other self-employed people that actually had their start during the 2018 recession. I’m actually one of those people, having started freelance writing during the recession when employers were exceptionally picky in their hiring decisions.

So it’s important to give this reminder to everyone we come across having a hard time adjusting – that being confined doesn’t necessarily translate to being unproductive with your time. In fact, one of the most beneficial activities apart from those mentioned above is at the heart of Writing Elite. You guessed it! Reading! So along with our book of the month features, we’ll also be instituting a reading challenge for as long as all this craziness goes on and hopefully beyond. The challenge is to read one chapter of your favorite book or a book you’ve been meaning to get to every day. What’s in it for you?

Well besides the much-needed exercise you give your mind, and the relaxation to your body (reading according to many studies is relaxing). Everyone who subscribes and participates in the reading challenge will get a free copy of our upcoming pdf ebook, “Getting More Out of Your Reading: A Guide to Reading for Pleasure.”. This free ebook will guide you through thoughts and insights into making your reading more pleasurable and beneficial to eliminate the challenge of developing a solid reading habit for pleasure reading. That will be completed and sent to our new and current subscribers, so if you’ve subscribed or plan to keep an eye out in your email (or spam folder) for that.



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