Keeping your Toddlers and Preschoolers Active.


  I’m amazed at how much Jordyn and Josiah, our two youngest children have grown. Jordyn has become her own little person – personality and all. Josiah is exploring everything and any attempt to put limits on it brings the classic toddler tantrum. For new dads this age can be very intimidating ( yes, preschoolers are intimidating little tykes 😂😆).

Needless to say, steps to limit your preschooler’s access to certain areas will take up a good amount of your time. As your little tyke will begin opening cabinet doors and areas of your home you may not want them to go into. Our daughter has a fascination for the kitchen, sometimes when my wife is cooking our favorite meals – but also just to play. I have no idea why, but she’ll dance and twirl around the kitchen floor in her own world. While her vocabulary is still growing, and she is expressing herself more clearly, my wife and I take the opportunity to convey rules in the way she can comprehend. Often times her response being, “Why?”- and she uses that one word for almost everything.

What to Expect.

One of Jordyn and Josiah’s many castles.

So, here is the thing on preschoolers they are thinking hard and fast. Really fast, they observe your every move, phrase and when you least expect it… Boom!

You are knee-deep in a pile of blocks, a pretend dinner party or surrounded by stuffed animals before they quickly move on to the next activity. With all these newfound abilities and a growing broader understanding of the world around them, it’s important for parents to encourage as many learning experiences as they can. My wife and I constantly brainstorm activities that force us to turn off the t.v. and engage our children in fun learning activities. For our youngest two, blocks and legos are a favorite.


I’m getting some of these play mats for my ‘kick/punch (martial arts) lessons with Jordyn and Josiah. So far they enjoy doing rolls, which make having some of these a must! With all this excitement it can be difficult to keep preschoolers busy, they come with naturally strong energy and curiosity. Dad’s are especially effective in this arena, we are normally the first our children seek out when it’s time to play or avoid bedtime.

These blocks make a great addition to your little engineers assortment of wood blocks. While the product description is a little misleading, many parent’s who have bought them found them to be great! 👍☺️



The Joy of Blocks and Other Things to Keep Busy.

Building blocks are an amazing toy, in my opinion, because there are so many different ways children can play and utilize their imaginations. From stacking towers, building castles and other buildings, to making numerous other structures and even characters. We’ve invested in different types and colors to allow Jordyn and Josiah a variety of ways to excite their imagination. It definitely beats turning on the television, now more than ever; are so many young children exposed to media through handheld devices. It can be an unconscious ‘easy out’ as a parent to turn on your child’s favorite show on a tablet to occupy them.

jordyn blocks
Jordyn sitting next to our newest creation, the USS ‘Squirmy’ a naval destroyer we made out of blocks.


Another favorite we’ve come to see the children enjoy are multi-functional activity cubes, Josiah recently received this multi-purpose activity cube as a birthday gift and not only is it a hit with him but Jordyn as well.

Puzzles and Things…

The good ole puzzle, no one not even a sugar (or naturally) hyper preschooler can ignore these. Just like with puzzles designed for adults, these activities scream to be solved. These wonderful wooden puzzles from Melissa and Doug are not only great for matching but also identifying animals and people.


Play Dough Fun!

Now, this is my personal favorite out of all of the activities that will be listed in this post, I’ve always loved play dough and the number of things you can with it when you have a little (or a lot) of creativity!

We made a tie-dyed bunny!



You can even make your own! Here is a wonderful playdough recipe were able to curate from Pinterest 🙂

Alright Writing Elite families, we’ve been getting a lot of attention with this post; and plan to do more on the topic of keeping your little bundles of energy active and healthy. So we’d like you all to chime in on the comments. What are some activities you and your family do to keep active?

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