The Diversity of Africa


Africa and Its Diversity of People

A brief look at the amazingly diverse cultural landscape of the African continent.

To further appreciate the magnitude of the unique history of how Africa came to be so diverse, I wanted to promote a few good reads for parents and children to brush up on the subject. In order to truly appreciate the beauty of cultures and creatures that are there, waiting to be discovered there’s always a few good books that you can follow.


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Dealing with the twenty-year period between 1880 and 1900, when virtually all of Africa was seized and occupied by the Imperial Powers of Europe. This 133 page book takes an often forgotten understanding from the Eurocentric points of view have dominated the study of this era, but in this book, one of Africa’s leading historians reinterprets the colonial experiences from the perspective of the colonized.

Reflecting the rich diversity of tribal costumes, the garments include brilliantly colored robes displaying geometrical designs on kente cloth, worn by an Ashanti woman and man from Ghana. In this 32 page book, Artist Yuko Green has meticulously researched and carefully rendered two dolls and 29 traditional costumes for an attractive African couple.

When Maiba hears a Great Chief is in search of a wife, she decides she must become his bride. She leaves her village and sets off to meet him but she soon encounters animals and people who are not all they seem… This play for children is a great way for parents and children to interact with storytime.



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