The Diversity of Africa


Africa and Its Diversity of People

A brief look at the amazingly diverse cultural landscape of the African continent.

To further appreciate the magnitude of the unique history of how Africa came to be so diverse, I wanted to promote a few good reads for parents and children to brush up on the subject. In order to truly appreciate the beauty of cultures and creatures that are there, waiting to be discovered there’s always a few good books that you can follow..

This short, but in-depth presentation of colonialism in Africa. The author’s writing is fairly easy to read and absorb, and I’m hoping this text is widely used in courses on African history.

These 29 authentic costumes and accessories for 2 dolls reflect the rich cultural diversity of African tribes. Costumes from Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Niger, Namibia, Tanzania, and Swaziland. You and your children will be taken on an entertaining and educational journey to the African continent  and allowed to
reflect on the rich diversity of tribal costumes, the garments include brilliantly colored robes displaying geometrical designs on kente cloth, worn by an Ashanti woman and man from Ghana; imported printed cotton outfits for an Itsekiri woman of Nigeria and her child; a loose-flowing agbada gown for a Yoruba man, animal skins adorning a Luo warrior from Kenya, simply draped robes and striped shawls for a Masai man and woman, and much else.

When Maiba hears a Great Chief is in search of a wife, she decides she must become his bride. She leaves her village and sets off to meet him but she soon encounters animals and people who are not all they seem…
This play for children is a great way for parents and children to interact with storytime.