Fatherhood Series: The Role Dads play 2.

Hi Dads,

We’ll be continuing our discussion on the role we play as husbands and dads here in part 2.

To recap from part 1 we basically discussed how important our role as husbands ( if you’re married ) with some ideas on how to strengthen that relationship. If you’re just joining the conversation this link will help get you caught up:


Depending on where you are in your journey as a dad will shape how you interact with your children as altogether and individually. Each child is unique with their own distinct personalities that shape how the will view the world around them. With each differing personality, also comes a distinct language, and just as those personalities grow and change as they get older – so will the language. Your 2-year-old will obviously not have the same perspective of her world at 13 or 14.

My wife and I had the opportunity to check out this helpful book, which belongs to the “5 Languages of Love” series.

Just as we feel the 5 Love Languages for couples is an important read, one directed towards developing better communication with our children and teens, which is an essential aspect of parenting. This carries over into why it is important for men ( dads especially ) to develop a love of reading, not just alone but also along with our families. As leaders, our homes’ dads can promote healthier habits for our children.

5 Dimensions of Personality and The Most Important one to Teach your Children.

In one of my conversations with one of my sons, I shared an important virtue, I quoted,

If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day; If you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”


He liked that idea so much he had me repeat it. Which I didn’t mind doing of course, because that’s what we dad’s do; we strive to teach our children conscientiousness, which according to Dr. Leonard Sax, along with other physicians, psychologists and researchers; is an important factor among 4 others (commonly termed The Big Five) that are important in raising overall healthier children. It’s a deep concept in parenting that deserves its own post. So I want to introduce it first and we can go deeper into more of those dimensions in a later one (promise 😉).

So, what do we mean by conscientiousness, and how do we help our children in developing it. Basically, conscientiousness is the virtue that allows us to show self-control, be industrious, responsible and reliable. Part of what I was trying to impart on my son Chad, was the responsibility of hard work and the virtue in avoiding begging in any capacity when you can just work for it yourself. There are many other elements that you can also incorporate in the lessons you give to your children through the many stages of their growth.


It can be taught in as many of the various ways it appears in life naturally, but it’s up to us dad’s (and mom’s also ) to point them out and present them in such a way that our children are receptive to those lessons. One of the best methods that go along with any lesson you want to pass along to your child is actually being a good example yourself. All too often, we as parents get caught up in looking for role models for our children. We might even blame celebrities, entertainers, and others in society for not being good role models and forget that the best role model our children can have is us.

So, here is a question for all the dads. In what way have you shared a lesson on conscientiousness with your children? We’d like to know, so feel free to leave a comment below.

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