Chad and Humble’s escape

   Keeping themselves hidden well within the shadows Humble and Chad made their way down the hall, despite all the clutter that was in their way. They could still hear the muffled singing of hymns in the chapel downstairs. “What is it exactly that we are looking for?” Chad asked catching a box that almost fell over. He placed it on the desk it had been collecting dust on and continued down the hall. “We’re just looking around – this used to be a school – who knows what interesting things might have been left behind.” Humble replied as she opened one of the classroom doors wide enough to peek inside.

Opening the door enough for them to squeeze through. As they looked around the cluttered room Chad picked up an old textbook. “This is boring, you know there are better things we could be doing if we are going to skip Bible school,” Chad remarked. “Like what, you remember what happened last time we actually left the church building?”, Humble replied, “We spent a month doing 8 counts…”. (8 counts were Mr. Muhammed’s way of creative punishments. “Oh yeah, … 8 counts,” Chad said remembering his own experience. I hated those… still do.”


A rather loud rustle and some voices were suddenly heard in the outside hallway. The children rushed to find a safe place to hide and observe their unexpected intrusion. Although some light allowed them to make out what was in their surroundings, the worn tarp over the windows cast a good bit of the rooms in darkness. All that Chad and Humble could make out was the outline of the door as it opened and a shadowy cloaked figure entered the room scanning the cluttered room for signs of life.

Humble signaled to Chad who happened to be hiding under a slightly covered desk, which the figure walked over to further inspect the room. Placing her forefinger over her lips to signal him to be quiet. Chad nodded and peeked to get a closer look above him.

The shadowy figure moved stealthily through the cluttered room searching for the children it had seen entering the room. It’s cloaked head checking under desks and behind the file cabinet, a gauntlet clad hand grasping the handle of sword. Chad could barely see how far away the figure was, but not wanting to give away the hiding place he remained still for the moment.



Chad’s heart raced as the figure inspected the room, glancing over at Humbles’ position; he noticed she had disappeared. ” Where the heck did she go?” Chad thought as he scanned the room for signs of his sister. The ninja he could see heading back in his direction, Chad swiftly moved underneath the tables to avoid being seen…

What will happen next? Will Chad be discovered? Where did Humble go?


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