The Inhumane Treatment of Animals

By Humble Jenkins

Edited by Ahmad Jenkins

Me and Humble, Writing Elite’s newest Author

For all the animals out there, I feel sorry. Especially the number that die by the day, not to mention those that die senselessly. If we were to take a guess, it could be said that almost 50% of all animals that are domestically raised – not to mention those raised for food – are abused or killed inhumanely.

We need these animals to help us, such as, service animals that aid the elderly; and others in need, that we use for food, and other products. Some people would say things like, “They are just food, they have no feelings, or choice.”; however there are also other people who do care about the way animals are treated – even those that are raised for food – regardless of the fact that the way they are treated is sad, and often times cruel.

I think that the first type of people, those who care little about the inhumane treatment of animals are greedy; perhaps even heartless. They may not be thinking of the value of life. I say we should kill less animals, so that more of them can of service to people in other ways.

After all, this is how I would feel if I were a cow or other animal.

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