Fatherhood Series: Preparing for a New Addition.

Me and Jordyn

I’ve been so excited since we learned the gender of our baby girl, Jordyn Neveah. As you all are familiar with my Fatherhood series every post discusses things pertinent to fathers. I thought I’d make this one on something recent in my own life; as well as how new fathers, as well as veteran dads, can best prepare for that new addition to their family.

For new dads, the news of a baby can vary; but in general, it can be a scary thing. It’s a feeling dads, who already have children can also have some anxieties about. Jordyn’s mother is in her 3rd trimester, and during that time we both have had to relearn a few things.

Tips for New Dads

First things’ first… breathe 🙂

Ok, now that that’s out of the way congrats, your in for a bit of an adventure! The first thing any father wants to do is personally prepare himself. It pretty much goes without saying your finances and other obligations should be in order (and we’ll discuss that a little later). However, as your baby develops over the course of the pregnancy it’s going to be interesting. So, a little self-preparation isn’t a bad thing.

Work on and further your connection with God

Regardless of your faith, a sincere attempt to connect with God helps you to stay optimistic, further develop patience, and just naturally helps you to feel better. A good way to do this is to also join a men’s group or connect with other men at your place of worship. Surrounding yourself around good people helps to remind you of the values you want to emulate for your child.

Watch what you spend.

I’ve been working with this idea myself, taking advantage of coupons, employee discounts at my job, and keeping receipts so that I keep track of what I spend. Also making sacrifices in your purchases can also help when you absolutely have to buy something consider the price and whether something cheaper (or not purchasing it) might be better. There are some things that absolutely should be on your list.

Primo’s Playard Cabana is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, allowing your baby to safely sleep and play anywhere!

Another good practice is to – if you haven’t already – set up a savings account and put away as much as you (reasonably) can. You never know when you’ll need it, and it’s always nice to know that you took the time out to put something aside.

Take the time out to spoil Mom.

Don’t get too distracted with your own personal growth and plans for baby, mom also needs you. Everything about her is changing and happening as the baby grows. She will get physically (and emotionally) drained easier, as her body changes to accommodate the baby it can seem as if you are on a roller coaster.

… again… breathe. It can be a moment for you to be more involved 🙂 Think ahead to mom’s needs, if she is still working (and many moms do). What will make it easier for her? Some of your best sources of information will be ones you’re going to see more and more of. Attending appointments with the obstetrician or midwife will not only support your partner but keep you informed and help build a rapport with the people you will need to work with when the time comes

It doesn’t have to be all business either, you can even make a date of it, take mom out after an appointment to your favorite place to eat; a walk, or anything you both enjoy doing.

Further your knowledge about what goes on with the baby.

Learning about what goes on with your child even during this time while he or she develops helps you also build a connection. Take the time out to see the beauty that comes with it. There are so many wonderful websites and other sources that can help you. Here are a few of my favorites:



Also, check out this selection of books just for you Dad!

If you are a new dad, congrats! Let us know how you are doing, any questions you may have, or if you simply loved this post let us know in the comments below.

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