Putting purpose into your work


When I started this journey of mine as a freelance writer, I had been out of long term work for over a year. I occasionally came across temp, and side jobs that family and friends turned me on too. Yet finding something permanent proved elusive. So I took my love of writing to a new level, I put a purpose into it. My purpose being not only using my writing to express myself, but also to teach and inform others, even entertain and inspire (Are you not entertained? Well, maybe not yet).

I had no idea of how much work writers put in on a daily basis. How structured your day has to be, the amount of marketing you have to do, and the frustration you feel at how slow progress can be at times. It may seem easy from the outside looking in, however it isn’t.  It’s a career in itself where you are the boss, the manager, HR, and accounting wrapped all into one. So being disciplined is a large part of the regimen, and something I’ve had to learn the hard way. Yet for all the frustration, all the rejection that could come my way ( and often times does), I would rather struggle with something I love doing, than being discontent with something I hate doing but feel I have to just for the sake of making a paycheck.

Through my time freelancing, and also looking for other means of an income I’ve come across an often used phrase that has brought up mixed emotions of fear, and frustration, “Any job is better than no job”. I have to say, I’ve grown to hate this saying with a passion! Not so much that I’m a lazy individual who doesn’t want to work, or that I feel there are some jobs that are belittling to me, everyone does have to make a living. Rather, there are some jobs, some people just weren’t made for. Let me give an example, when I was younger I always wanted to be a police officer, so much so, that from the age of 19 – 23 all my work experiences, training, and ambition was geared towards that profession. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to become one, and the result was this void I felt as far as what I wanted to do with my life. In trying to fill that void I took on a number of jobs that while they paid the bills that void still remained. Looking back I can see it was having a  purpose in the work that I did, and not so much what I did.

A job, any job can and will wear on you if you aren’t able to see past a paycheck. ‘Horrible bosses’, and irritating co workers will work your nerves, and drive you crazy. However, anything can be a ‘dream job’ if you see a purpose in it that drives you, gets you up in the morning with or without coffee, and may even have you putting in late hours; only to wake up early the next morning to do it all over again.

So, with all that said… what’s your purpose? Yes, you.


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