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Perhaps the scariest, yet most often used thing accessed by our children is the Internet. It can be used from a myriad of sources from desktops and laptops, to tablets, and game consoles. With more readily available sources to the Internet and its dangers, isn’t it reasonable we should make it safer?

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

In our family the adults always remind the kids when they go outside to play ‘Watch out for stranger danger’, meaning if an adult they didn’t know was all of a sudden nice; they shouldn’t talk to them but come home. This is also true with their interactions online, and in order to keep a more watchful eye on your child’s online usage, it’s always been a good rule to restrict its use to central parts of the home. There are other ways to increase better Internet safety habits, here are a few I’ve researched and use for my children:

• Web filtering – This is probably the most effective and used method of keeping your children safe from online predators, and unsuitable material. It can be applied to most devices, and with such apps as K9 Web browser, which also offers a host of other applications such as youtube filtering.

• Monitoring social networks – Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites that your child may use should be monitored closely, it’s place where predators even prey on other adults.

• Monitoring your own viewing habits – This pretty much goes without saying, but often times we as adults overlook just how important clearing our web browser and maintaining it against questionable material is. It’s always a good rule to log out of social media, email, and other accounts when we are done. Not only does it decrease the chances of having valuable information stolen, but also checks against you child having access to material that may come up because of a mis-typed search term or web address.

Making the internet a safe and fun learning tool.

Despite all the dangers, and precautions that may come with allowing your child to use the Internet. It can also be a fun learning tool, that can make learning more of an enjoyable experience. Here are a few sites that are not only kid friendly, but also fun!

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